For more than 10 years this Center has been pionner in Spain for the treatment of Scoliosis with the Dynamic System SpineCor, a new and revolutionary concept that represents indisputable  progress in the treatment of this growth disorder of the Spine.

The vertebrae grow through 2 growth nuclei that are at each side of the vertebrae.

Pediatric Scoliosis happens when there is an asymmetric growth of the affected vertebra because one of the nucleai doesn’t grow and the other does. It is then than the vertebra starts to lean, to rotate and displaces the axis of the spine.

The Innovative Dynamic System SpineCor is capable of controling the torsions of the affected vertebrae, achieving a superior realigment than that of the classic, uncomfortable, unsightly, and poorly tolerated rigid brace.

The method SpineCor has been developped in the prestigious Research Center of Sainte-Justine Hospital in Montreal (Canada) under the direction of Dr. C. Rivard and Dr. C. Coillard and in conjunction with a team of geneticists, anthropologists, physical therapists, biomechanics, and information technology engineers.

Dynamic elastic bands that fit under the clothes, aesthetic and well tolerated by the patient, and with excellent results, are the base of the treatment of scoliosis with the system SpineCor. This innovative treatment fights scoliosis while allowing the patient to have a normal life, practicing sports, and above all, the psychological aspect of it, where the scoliosis is no reason to cause the patient psychological problems.

Montreal in Canada, NewYork in USA, Sheffield in the UK and Girona in Spain are the only SpineCor centers to have the new pelvic base for the treatment of scoliosis with this Dynamic System.

Treatment of scoliosis with SpineCor:

Allows 4 hours of rest a day without the brace.

Allows total freedom of movement.

Offers a better aesthetic aspect  because it is unnoticeable under the clothes.

It is not as hot as rigid braces.

Does nor produce muscular atrophy.

And above all, the results are extraordinary and superior to rigid braces.

The therapist’s initial assessment is complemented with a computer system specifically designed for the system SpineCor, allowing a more precise initial assessment of scoliosis and therefore improving the final results.